What if churches and people got real…

For those hurt by the church by the ignorance of people, please accept my personal apology. I think we’ve all been there.

Can we all just start over? Wouldn’t it be awesome if churches and people got real? What if, instead of featuring the highlight real, we’d start with the mess of it.

Here’s the deal, some people don’t represent God very well. When they mess up, we blame God. Let’s pause and reorient our thinking. What if church is really a hospital–a place where people come to get healed. A place where we anticipate sick, broken, messy, flawed people being radically healed because that is what Jesus came to do!

So, dear church, can we all just start over? Wouldn’t it be awesome if churches and people got real? What if, instead of featuring the highlights, we’d start with the mess of it. What if church websites began with:

Dear Visitor,

We’re on motley crew of dysfunctional people trying to figure this Christian life out. We mess up often. We’re learning to think of others above ourselves and it takes practice. Someone will probably hurt you or offend you, but not intentionally. Everyone is in a learning process we’re not perfect but we are being perfected. Please be patient!

We have people experiencing crisis, serious health issues, financial ruin, wayward children, addictions and death of loved ones… that’s just the beginning. We have new and mature believers navigating as best they can yet, stepping on toes along the way. We turn it into a dance of grace.

People bring with them old baggage, brokenness, wounds, and darkest sins—we don’t have you check your baggage at the door, we encourage you to bring it in—it’s what Jesus did. We love to watch as He gently removes The unnecessary and burden some baggage and replaces it with forgiveness and freedom.

The bottom line is we love Jesus! He gave His life in exchange for ours. We remember the sacrifice and cling to the cross and His blood shed for the forgiveness of sins…and we rejoice in His resurrection, for it’s the foundation of grace, victory over the enemy, and eternity to come!
Love is our foundation. We’re quick to forgive, because Jesus has forgiven the unforgivable in us—and we’re called to give what we’ve received. It’s a step to freedom because unforgiveness keeps us chained to those who’ve hurt us. Jesus came to set us free and give us peace. It’s His great delight.

If you feel tired, broken, and empty, if shame and guilt weigh heavy, if you have skeletons in your closet, join us!
If you don’t know about the Bible or Jesus, join us!
If you know about the Bible and Jesus but want more, join us!
If you have a feeble prayer life and a shallow faith, join us!
You probably won’t fit in if you think you have it all together.
If you don’t, join us!

Come as you are, bring your baggage and stay a while!